Due to their close proximity to the face, earrings can lighten up a woman's complexion, draw attention to her eyes or change the tone of an outfit. Again, the design options are limitless, but there are several core styles to consider.

  • Studs: This type of earring is defined by having a single stone or metal ball on a straight post worn in pierced ears. It is a simple, classic and timeless style. Diamond or Pearl studs are very popular variations featuring virtually any size and cut. The classic example has round diamonds of a quarter carat or more, however, updated styles include square princess cut diamonds, pearls with diamond accents and even diamond flowers and stars.
  • Hoops: In basic terms, a hoop earring is a circular style (round, oval, etc.), made from metal or wire tubing. They can be fat, skinny, flat or rounded, and they do not have to be plain. Often they are adorned with gemstone accents or embellished with rich textures. Dangles (or Drop Earrings): As the name suggests, this style of earring is long, dropping below the earlobe. One variation that has seen a recent resurgence in popularity is a style called Chandelier, which features multiple drops, often in tiers, and is reminiscent of the elegant lighting fixture for which it was named.