Staff Bios and Testimonials

Meet our team of expert consultants, and read customers' experiences with them.

Richard Wubnig

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Ricky has spent his professional career helping couples celebrate their lives together. Ricky has over 13 years of professional experience in the jewelry industry and before he joined the team at Michael C. Fina, he managed multiple jewelry boutiques throughout New York City.

A graduate of the Gemological Institute of America, Ricky has been honored throughout his career as one of the top sales associates in the country. For four consecutive years, the Platinum Guild has celebrated Ricky as the top seller of platinum engagement rings and wedding bands in the world.

In 2010, Ricky was honored by Hearts On Fire as a HOF Champion, making him one of the top 15 sales associates in the world. It's the people he meets through his work, though, that keeps him motivated each day; like every engagement ring, their stories are unique, exciting and beautiful. A true New York sports fan, you may catch Ricky at a Mets, Knicks or Giants game when he isn't at work. Ricky currently lives in Staten Island with his wife and two kids, Brianna and Little Ricky.

Justin Stadler

Justin Stadler is a native New Yorker from Brooklyn and currently resides in Staten Island with his wife Suzanne and sons Jake, Ethan, and Cole.

After graduating with a bachelor's degree from the State University of New York at Albany, he entered the mortgage industry and worked his way up to Assistant Vice President of a major mortgage bank.

Deciding to follow his passion for jewelry and gemstones, Justin became a top tier Graduate Gemologist, earning 4 prestigious degrees from the Gemological Institute of America.

As the ideal jewelry consultant, he has the expertise in grading diamonds and gemstones and the knowledge to answer all the questions you have. He specializes in matching ring styles with lifestyles and looks forward to assisting you celebrate your milestones in style.

Amanda Lingner

Amanda Lingner first discovered her love of jewelry as a girl while visiting the jewelry store where her mother worked. As she grew up this interest became a passion. At 16 she first entered the jewelry industry, working for the same store she had visited as a girl.

Amanda fell in love with the beautiful designs she sold everyday and moved to New York after high school to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. Graduating with a degree in Fashion Design, she soon joined the team at Michael C. Fina.

Amanda uses her design skills everyday to help customers find pieces that match their look, pieces that truly speak to them. In 2010, Amanda was honored by Hearts On Fire as a HOF Champion, making her one of the top 15 sales associates in the world. When she is not at the store, she likes to explore New York with Wesley, her French bulldog.

Deena DeCeglie

Deena DeCeglie discovered her love of jewelry in paradise.

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, Deena moved to the Cayman Islands after school and soon found a position selling fine jewelry at an island boutique. As her love of jewelry blossomed, so did her love of scuba diving and she spent the next 10 years enjoying her new island home.

Along the way she received two degrees from the Gemological Institute of America, furthering her knowledge in jewelry and gemstones so she could better help her customers.

She left the Cayman Islands for Italy where she spent time in Tuscany and Rome before returning back home to New York City. The youngest of 5 kids, Deena loves the family atmosphere of Michael C. Fina and the level of professionalism the company strives for.

Meryl Gold

Meryl began her career in the fashion industry owning her own boutique and dressing high profile clients. Seventeen years ago she made a move from Westchester to Manhattan and shifted careers from dressing women to dressing their tables. Her passion for great design, current trends and discovering that unique combination to define the individual proved to be the perfect fit for Meryl.

Van Patten

Eight years ago Margo Patten took a summer job working in a small home decor shop in Chatham Massachusetts to avoid taking an internship her grandfather lined up for her at a Boston finical firm. That is when she realized that for her, mixing and matching china patterns was much more fun the reading cases studies and her real passion lied in helping customers create a unique sense of style.

After moving to New York she held several jobs, but nothing felt right. She then accepted her current job at Michael C. Fina. It was just like her old summer job that had been so much fun. Today, she can honestly say that she enjoys getting up and coming to work every morning. Michael C. Fina's unique atmosphere, her wonderful co-workers, and the company's drive to create the ultimate customer experience, all make Margo feel fortunate to have a job that she truly loves.

Bakam Mimpongo

Bakam has been a consultant at Michael C. Fina for 10 years, and is fluent in both English and French. She is currently learning Italian as well. Recently, she purchased a condo in Johannesburg, South Africa and right away she thought, &ldquoWhat will my china be for this home?" In her mind, she began sorting through all the different tables she's helped clients design over the years. Her favorite tables have always been the ones that truly captured the customer's taste and style.

After a decade of working at Michael C. Fina, she's truly developed a deep passion for china. She collects plates and silver flatware like people collect Yves Saint Laurent. She also collects antique pieces during her annual trips to Paris. Bakam loves coming to work everyday and being surrounded by beautiful things, and feels great knowing she's helping her clients pick items to create memories around their table.

Shanette Hamilton

Shanette was born and raised on the island of Jamaica. Growing up around the beauty of cascading waterfalls, clear blue waters, and breathtaking flowers have all given her a love and appreciation for beautiful things.

Shanette finds it very rewarding to see the satisfaction and happiness on the face of a bride who has, with her help, found the perfect table setting. She feels honored when brides form such a connection with her that they send her pictures of their wedding and honeymoon to show their gratitude. Shanette feels fortune knowing that she gets to make one aspect of the wedding planning process seamless and effortless.

Peter Ream

Peter Ream had a previous career working in IT as a tech writer, and documenting systems and procedures for such companies as Allied Signal, RCA Records, Revlon, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

This incarnation finds him guiding couples in creating table settings, and helping decorators such in satifying their clients' home decor needs. Latest project is furnishing flatware for a hotelier.

Winifred Apt

Following her graduation from college with degrees in both English and Speech, Winifred began what proved to be a long and fascinating career in retailing. She joined B. Altman & Co. as a trainee in their gift department, and went on to become a buyer in the book department. She found this to be an exciting experience, becoming involved with publishing events, author appearances, and the introduction of a small art gallery.

Upon the store's closing, Winifred joined the Waterford/ Wedgwood store on Madison Avenue. It was there that she was introduced to the world of quality tableware. From there, she went on to join the Michael C. Fina team, acting as a sales consultant and bridal consultant. She enjoys meeting and working with Michael C. Fina's customers and showing them the extensive and diverse selections the tabletop department has to offer.