Specialty Wine Glasses

A wide variety of glass shapes have developed for just about every different type of wine- chances are, if it exists there is a glass specially designed for it. While it may not be necessary to have each of these special glasses, it will make your experience of specific wines more enjoyable. Port wine glasses, for example, have a smaller shape designed to keep the flavor strong and to prevent you from pouring too much.

Bordeaux glasses are designed for full-bodied red wines, such as Bordeaux and cabernet sauvignon. These glasses allow the wine to develop as other red wine glasses do, but are specially shaped to direct the wine towards the back of the throat so the drinker gets a full rush of rich flavor. Riesling glasses have angular bowls and thin openings to focus the flavors and aromas of the wine.

Just as you experiment with wine you can experiment with glasses. If you find yourself drawn to a specific type of wine, try it with the glass designed for it. You won't be sorry.