Home Bar Essentials

A great glass for all of your drinking needs. From iced tea to mint juleps, a highball is a great go-to glass.

Beer Mug
A good beer deserves a good mug.

Double Old Fashioned
The glass Don Draper would never be without. It's great for short drinks like its namesake and especially good for sipping whiskey.

Cocktail Glass
Martini is the drink, not the glass. Cocktail glasses will give you the proper vessel for some of the most celebrated drinks, both shaken and stirred.

White Wine and Red Wine
The number of wine glasses you need depends on how serious you are about your wine. A nice set of all-purpose glasses will fly with many people, but beware, if an oenophile shows up with a 1959 Chateaux Margaux you better have the right glasses.

There is a specialty glass to match every type of wine. These glasses are designed to bring out the best in each variety of wine. You can start your wine glass collection with white and red wine glasses. A good set of each will be perfect for many types of wine. For more information, check out our wine glass selection guide.

Champagne Flutes Flutes are designed specifically to concentrate the carbonation and flavor of champagne. If something is good enough to toast, it is good enough to toast right.

Ice Bucket You never know when the party is going to move outside, or even just into the living room. An ice bucket is a great way to keep the party going without having to leave the wine behind.

Wine Coaster
Designed to keep condensation and unsightly stains off your table, the wine coaster is the perfect little touch to distinguish your home. Bar Tools
The Shaker
The iconic shaker is a must for any cocktail enthusiast or anyone who enjoys a well-mixed drink.

The Strainer
Who needs the nasty bits floating around their drink? The strainer separates the parts you keep from the parts that go in the sink.

The Jigger
Another name for a shot glass, the jigger sometimes comes in a reversible design that lets you make several types of drinks fast.

The Muddler
Why use a blender when you can mash your fruit and mint with a wooden club? Using a muddler keeps in the essential oils of your herbs and fruits so your drink tastes better.

Bottle Opener
A good bottle opener will let your guests know you mean business.

Dedicated companies have created fantastic, easy-to-use corkscrews that take the worry from opening a bottle, making you look like a smooth bartender.