Fine China vs. Casual China

What Makes Fine China Different?
China can be split into two general categories: fine and casual.

These aren't hard and fast distinctions. You can use fine china everyday. And why not? It's beautiful.

Generally, casual china is 'vitrified'. Opaque and porous, this category includes pottery, earthenware, and ironstone, all of which must be glazed in order to hold food. If these pieces crack, the body absorbs liquid. Though these pieces are heavier, they are much weaker than fine china and tend to chip or crack fairly easy.

Fine china is u0093vitrified.u0094 This refers to china with a glass-like texture. These begin with a batch made up of kaolin clay, feldspar, and quartz. Through an involved series of processes the water is removed and the semi-liquid mass is processed until its consistency is like soft putty, becoming a familiar form of clay. The clay is fired at a high temperature and becomes extremely hard. The resulting product is lighter, stronger, more translucent, and if cracked or chipped it wonu0092t absorb water.