Black & White Interior Design

The ultimate contrast, black and white is a safe design choice that can yield incredible results. Black and white patterns can be whatever you need them to be- from a debutante's classic elegance to a chic modern look for a cutting edge home.

For a classic look, use cool metallic tones to break up the black and white. Sterling silver and gold plated pieces can be added to a table as neutrals to highlight the black and white contrast. For a more modern aesthetic, introduce hints of color as a bold way to highlight the black and white design.

You can break up a black and white pattern with subtle hints of color on accessories like a napkin, bread and butter plate, or a charger. These accents should be used as enhancers; you don't want these pieces to steal the show. A red charger with red silverware and red napkins will be visually overwhelming and you will lose the simple elegance of the black and white look.