Design Personality

How can it be that one beautiful thing doesn't work with another beautiful thing? For the same reason two beautiful people might not make a good couple- personality.

A traditional floral plate, such as Anna Weatherly, will clash with an art deco design, such as George Jensen, even if their colors don't. The two designs are so physically different that the eye doesn't recognize the similarities, only the differences.

This isn't to say that blending modern and traditional should be avoided; on the contrary, this is where design gets really fun.

When you blend modern and traditional looks it's important to keep consistent elements. A traditional floral plate doesn't work with sleek stainless steel because one is warm and organic while the other is cool and modern.

In their modern setting, the Blue Fluted Mega, Royal Copenhagen used elements of their traditional Blue Fluted Full Lace pattern to create something new and interesting. The modern pattern retains the scalloped texture and similar elements on a larger, more modern scale.