The formal table can be scary for many people, but there is no need to feel intimidated. Generally the table is designed for efficiency. A properly set table has everything in order of when the course will appear. So your salad fork comes before your dinner fork. As a general rule of thumb, forks on the left, knives and spoon on the right. As each course comes, work your way in towards the plate. In a formal setting, the charger is for display purposes, not for eating. Typically the plate is removed before serving or the other plates are placed on top of it. A butter knife is laid across the butter plate, located on the left, while a dinner knife is set to the right of the dinner plate. Typically, there is only one spoon laid out on the table to indicate soup will be served. A dessert spoon may be placed above the plate pointing left while a dessert fork is placed above the plate pointing right. These are optional since they can always be brought out when dessert is served.