How to Clean Diamonds

Yes, your diamond existed 100 miles below the Earth's surface for millions of years before it came to decorate your jewelry. And yes, diamonds are used in high-powered drills to dig deep into the earth- they have been through a lot and will stand up to years of everyday abuse. However, if you want to keep your diamond shining as beautiful and lustrous as it did on the first day you got it, you have to take care of it.

Caring for Diamond Jewelry:
- Store your diamond jewelry separate from your other jewelry. Your diamonds will scratch other gems and damage each other if stored improperly.
- When cleaning your diamond jewelry, be sure to use a jewelry cleaner that does not contain any harsh chemicals that could harm either your gemstone or the setting.
- Don't use a hard brush to clean your diamond; though the diamond wonu0092t be damaged, the setting may be. Use a soft brush to clean off any buildup that can't be removed by other techniques.

Everyday Tips:
- Although it is durable, a diamond can still be chipped. It is best to take off your diamond jewelry when doing strenuous activity or working with your hands.
- Take off your diamond jewelry while sleeping; a prong can catch on the sheets and bend, causing you to lose your diamond.
- Though most harsh chemicals are not going to damage your diamond, many (like chlorine) could damage or discolor the setting and cause your diamond to fall out.
- Have your diamond jewelry checked out once a year to make sure everything is fine; one bent prong could mean your diamond is gone forever. Michael C. Fina has a jeweler on staff to assist you, call 1-800-289-FINA for more information.