How to Clean Platinum Jewelry

Platinum is one of the strongest metals used for jewelry. It is more resistant to tarnishing from chemicals that are harmful to gold, such as chlorine, though using these chemicals while wearing your ring can still damage many precious gems. One of the densest and purest metals used in jewelry, some simple techniques can help your platinum jewelry last a lifetime.

    Cleaning Platinum Jewelry

  • Though platinum is durable, it scratches very easily. When platinum is scratched the metal is simply displaced, meaning the ring will not thin the way scratched gold jewelry will.

  • Over time, platinum will develop a natural patina that many prefer to the high-gloss look of a newly purchased piece. If you prefer the look of new platinum, you can have your piece polished by a professional jeweler to bring back the luster.

  • Clean your platinum jewelry with a mild soapy water or a store bought jewelry cleaner and dry with a soft cloth to remove any buildup.

  • Remember to separate your platinum jewelry when storing it to prevent scratches from other metals.

  • Remove platinum jewelry before doing any manual labor where the piece can be easily damaged.

Keep your beautiful platinum jewelry from Michael C. Fina looking brand new with our tips for how to clean platinum jewelry!

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