How to Clean Sapphires and Rubies

Sapphires and rubies are the hardest precious gemstones aside from diamonds; they will stand up to everyday abuse that would damage most other gems. Though they are durable, regular cleaning can help your sapphire and ruby jewelry last a lifetime and help maintain that shiny luster. Both sapphires and rubies are types of a mineral called corundum, so cleaning sapphire and ruby jewelry can be performed the same way; the only difference between the two is only a ruby is red while sapphires come in a variety of colors.

Learn how to clean sapphires and rubies with this simple guide from the jewelers at Michael C. Fina.

    3 Easy Tips to Clean Sapphire and Ruby Jewelry

  • When cleaning your sapphire and ruby jewelry, be sure to use jewelry cleaner that does not contain any harsh chemicals (like chlorine, bleach, alcohol, etc.) that could harm either your gemstone or the setting.

  • A toothbrush can be used to remove any buildup. Due to their durability, sapphires and rubies are safe for ultrasonic cleaners.

  • Sapphires and rubies are harder than gold, silver, and platinum, so if they are stored improperly they will scratch your other jewelry.

Everyday Tips to Avoid Regular Cleaning

  • It is best to remove your sapphire and ruby jewelry before working with your hands- though they are strong, it is still possible to chip or damage the gem.

  • Avoid detergents containing moisturizers, abrasive cleaners or bleach.
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