Cleaning Diamond Jewelry

Although your diamonds are one of the toughest substances of the Earth, everyday wear and natural oils from your skin can easily cause dirt to dull the sparkle of your ring. In order to keep your diamond jewelry looking its best, follow Michael C. Fina’s basic tips below!

How to Care for Diamond Jewelry

  • Store your diamond jewelry separate from your other jewelry. Your diamonds will scratch other gems and damage each other if stored improperly.

  • Handle your diamonds with care and try to minimalize the amount of time you are handling them as they easily pick up the natural oils of your skin, which can change the way your diamonds look.

  • When cleaning your diamond jewelry, be sure to use a jewelry cleaner that does not contain any harsh chemicals that could harm either your gemstone or the setting.

  • Don't use a hard brush to clean your diamond; though the diamond won't be damaged, the setting may be. Use a soft brush to clean off any buildup that can't be removed by other techniques.

Storing, caring for, and cleaning your diamond jewelry can be simple, but it is very important to remember these simple tips. Keep your diamond jewelry looking good for several generations to come.

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