Type of Engagement Rings

Types of Engagement Ring Settings

Whether you have already chosen your diamond or not, one of the most important aspects of the engagement ring is the setting. The engagement ring setting defines the look and style of the ring and how the diamond will be presented. There are so many types of engagement ring settings, so make sure to take your time when looking!

As you are shopping for the perfect ring, keep in mind that the wedding band will play an important role in the overall style of the ring. Will the wedding band and engagement ring be worn stacked or separately? The possibilities are endless. Enjoy this special moment!

Choose an Engagement Ring Setting Style


The classic ring style has a larger gemstone or diamond surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds. These help to emphasize the main stone.


The solitaire ring setting has one main diamond. This engagement ring setting style is the most simple and popular. Generally the diamond is set higher, giving it the most light exposure possible.

Three Stone

The three stone ring setting is also known as a trinity ring- hence the number of stones which is said to represent your past, present, and future as a couple. Generally the larger and main gemstone is set higher than the side stones, creating an elegant sense of depth to the ring.


Vintage style engagement ring settings are an elegant combination of antique and contemporary styles.

Choose Your Metal

We have a few different metal options for you to choose from. These will help to highlight the sparkle of your diamonds. We have yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, or a mix. There is a perfect metal for every ring, depending on the look you are going for!

When shopping for the perfect engagement ring, remember the details discussed in this engagement ring settings guide! This moment is one to remember and Michael C. Fina is honored to be a part of it.