Caring for Pearls:
Naturally occurring and celebrated for centuries, pearls are renowned for their rarity and beauty. However, pearls are also delicate. If not properly cared for they will become worn, lose their luster, and begin to flake or peel. Here are some tips to keep your pearls looking great for generations.

Caring for Pearl Jewelry:
- When cleaning your pearl jewelry, be sure to use a jewelry cleaner that does not contain any harsh chemicals that could harm either your pearls or their setting.
- Do not use an ultrasonic cleaner on your pearls, the vibrations will crack them.
- Lay your pearls flat to dry as hanging them will stretch the string.
- Make sure the pearls are thoroughly dry before you wear them- a wet string can collect dirt and debris that will damage the pearls.
- Since pearls are soft when compared to other jewelry it is best to store them alone. Metals and gemstones are much harder and will scratch them.

Everyday Tips:
- Put your pearls on after cosmetics, hair spray, or perfume- the chemicals in personal care products will prematurely age your pearls.
- Donu0092t wear pearls while bathing, swimming, washing the dishes, or working with chemicals u0096 pearls are porous and exposure to soaps and chemicals will damage them.
- If you wear your pearls frequently, it is best to get them restrung every year. If you wear them less frequently, getting your pearls restrung every two years will help to prevent breakages.
- Wipe your pearls clean with a soft cloth after every wear to clean off oils from your skin and any other buildup that may be present.