Gemstones are some of the most beautiful naturally occurring objects and amongst the most durable as well. Most gemstones will withstand a lot of abuse, but regular care is required to keep your jewelry as beautiful as the day it was purchased.

- Store your gems carefully- each gemstone has a different level of hardness and harder gems will scratch softer gems if they are stored improperly.
- Keep your gemstones from extremes in temperature; both extreme cold and extreme heat can damage many types of gemstones.
- Keep your gemstones from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, over time the exposure will fade many types of gems.

Cleaning - Be careful with ultrasonic cleaners, they can damage weaker gems such as emeralds, pearls, or opals.
- When cleaning your jewelry, be sure to use a jewelry cleaner that does not contain any harsh chemicals that could harm either your gemstone or the setting.
- Don't use a hard brush to clean gemstones. To scrub your gems, use a soft cloth or a very soft brush that has no rough areas that could damage the stone.

Everyday Tips
- Don't wear your jewelry while sleeping. Prongs are one of the weakest points on jewelry and they can snag on your sheets and bend, causing your gemstone to fall out.
- It is best to keep your jewelry away from harsh chemicals- even if the chemical will not directly damage the gem, it could damage the setting and cause the stone to fall out.
- Don' wear your jewelry while bathing or swimming- personal care products and chemicals such as chlorine can discolor or weaken your gemstones or the metals holding them in place.