Emeralds have been celebrated for their vibrant color throughout history; everyone from Cleopatra to Elizabeth Taylor has loved their rich green hues. Though beautiful, emeralds have the reputation as a brittle stone- here are a few tips to keep your emeralds looking great for generations.

Caring for Emerald Jewelry
- When cleaning your emerald jewelry, be sure to use a jewelry cleaner that does not contain any harsh chemicals that could harm either your gemstone or the setting.
- It is best to clean your emerald jewelry only a few times a year. Cleaning emeralds too often will remove the oils used on the gems.
- Never use ultrasonic cleaners or steam cleaners to clean emerald jewelry- natural inclusions make them prone to breakage.
- Store your emerald jewelry separate from your other jewelry- other gems and metals can easily scratch your emeralds.

Everyday Tips:
- Despite being close to sapphires and rubies in hardness, emeralds typically have natural inclusions that make them more prone to breakage.
- Wear your emeralds with care- they are less durable than diamonds and rubies and wearing them during strenuous physical activity can easily scratch or dent them.
- Many emeralds are treated with oils to make small, natural inclusions less prominent. Every 2-5 years these gems need to be re-oiled.