Classic Engagement Ring Settings

There are so many different styles of ring settings to choose from, which can be very overwhelming. It is important to take your time understanding the different types of ring settings in order to give your special someone the ring setting that best matches their personality. These tips on the traditional ring settings are sure to help you determine whether this is the right style for this special symbol of your love.

Traditional Engagement Ring Settings

The most common type of engagement ring setting is the solitaire. A solitaire ring is a traditional setting that features a single center gemstone. Sleek, traditional, classic. This timeless ring setting features the diamond as the main focal point. This design will never go out of style.

Another popular setting is the three-stone setting. This setting features two large accent diamonds next to a larger center diamond. The three diamonds represent the past, present, and future of a relationship.

If you think the classic engagement ring settings are not for your loved one, check out our modern engagement ring settings guide today!

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Solitaire ring setting