Repairs and Services

Michael C. Fina's Repairs & Services

Our Repairs and Services department is open from 10am - 6pm, Monday through Friday.
You can reach us directly at 212-557-2500 ext. 2158 or email us at

Express Service

We offer express repair for many of our services for an additional charge. Our jewelers will examine and determine if the repair qualifies for express service.

Drop Off Service


  • Machine engraving (3 business days)
  • Hand engraving (10 business days)

Ring Sizing

It is of utmost importance for a ring to fit the wearer properly. Proper fitting minimizes unforeseen damages due to unnecessary movement on the wearer's hand. This is especially true for rings with a center stone. Our expert jewelers will diagnose the outlying factors that can affect one's ring size and determine the adequate size or solution for a proper fitting.

Gem Replacement and Tightening

Due to normal wear, side gem stones can be lost or damaged. In addition to replacing the lost or damaged gem stones, we offer a full detailed examination and tightening of prongs for all side gem stones to ensure security.

Prong Restoration

Wear and tear is normal and expected for all engagement rings due to constant wear. Prong restoration is an intricate service that ensures the safety and security of your center diamond. Our expert will determine the necessary restoration or reconstruction needed for the safe housing of your gem.


All jewelry requires polishing from time to time due to dings and scratches. Polishing restores the piece to its original condition.

Adjusting and repairing Chain

We can lengthen, shorten and add sizing ring to your chain base on your need. The lock and clasp can be replaced as well.

Earring Repair

Replacement of posts, nuts and backs can be performed by our skilled jewelers.

Bracelet Repair

We offer different services based on your bracelet's need. Our expert jewelers can create matching links to lengthen, shorten and/or provide safety chain to your bracelet. The lock and clasp can be replaced as well.

Pearl Stringing

The silk cord used on pearl jewelry will loosen, weaken and become discolored with time. It is recommended that strands get restrung every 2 to 3 year.


For your protection, valuable items like loose gemstones, diamonds, finished pieces and family heirlooms, should be appraised every 3 to 4 years for proper insurance coverage due to fluctuations of the gem and metal market.

What's Repairable Not Repairable?

Due to the nature and elements of some pieces, Michael C. Fina may not be able to perform all repair requests.

Non Precious Metal

Our shop is not equipped to work with non precious metal.

  • Gold Plated
  • Alternative Metal
  • Dyed or Dipped

Soft Gems

Certain soft gems are too fragile and delicate for our workshop. The factors we use to compile this list are Mohs' Scale, sensitivity to heat, and the unique individuality and characteristic of the gem.

  • Emerald
  • Turquoise
  • Opal
  • Shell (Cameo)
  • Coral
  • Amber
  • Lapis
  • Jade
  • Moonstones

Lab created and Synthetic

  • Moissanite
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • All Others

Fracture Filled / Enhanced

Fracture filled or enhanced gems can get damaged or even melt the solutions under the heat of a jewelers torch.


Enameling is heat sensitive and can be damaged easily.

Beyond Our Capability

In an effort to provide the best possible service and meet your expectations, we may not be able to guarantee certain requests and in this case may refuse servicing.