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Every designer is entitled to one perfect collection. For Konigliche Porzellan-Manfaktur, Rocaille Blue and Gold is the treasured collection. A reflection of classical luxury. Rocaille Blue and Gold is distinguished by its absolute precision and simplistictic rich aura. Designed to pleased, dominate and charm the world of porcelain.

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Konigliche Porzellan- Manufaktur treasures porcelain as if it were "white gold". Frederick the Great, the Prussian King, shared the same rapture and he gave Konigliche Porzellan- Manufaktur his name and symbol.

Clinging to the age-old tradition, the Konigliche Porzellan-Manufaktur porcelain is still shaped by hand and elaborately painted in Berlin.

At Michael C. Fina, we are pleased to offer you Konigliche Porzellan- Manfaktur Porcelain online and in our Park Avenue store.

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Rocaille Blue & Gold

by KPM

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