What Are The Types of Glasses?


Dedication to drinking knows no bounds. Like pioneers, the good men and women who came before us had to suffer through drinks in inferior glasses so we wouldn’t have to. Today we can enjoy a glass specially designed to bring out a drink’s maximum flavor. A toast to all those who came before us.

Balloon Glass


Beverage Glass

Brandy Snifter

A wine glass with a shorter, rounder bowl. Typically used for red wines in the U.S., but usage varies in different countries.

Traditionally, any short or tall tumbler designed for alcoholic beverages, though now, this term often includes specialty drinkware (such as Margarita glasses) and accessories such as Ice Buckets.

A tall, thin tumbler that holds about 12oz of liquid.

A piece of stemware especially designed for drinking brandy, typically having a very short stem and a large, round bowl.

Champagne Coupe

Champagne Flute

Cocktail Glass

Collins glass

Popular legend states the champagne coupe is molded to mimic Marie Antoinette’s breast, though the design predates her by a century. It is designed for sweeter wines as its broad shape forces it to lose carbonation quickly.

A stemmed glass for drinking champagne with a tall, cylindrical bowl.

Martini is the drink, cocktail is the glass.

A thin tumbler, usually 10-14oz, designed for several mixed drinks, especially the Tom Collins.



Footed Mug


A tall tumbler that holds about 16oz of liquid.

A small glass, with or without a stem, for drinking liqueurs or shots of alcohol, usually 1oz to 4oz in capacity.

A glass for drinking hot liquid with a handle and decorative foot, it’s sometimes called an “Irish Coffee Mug”, and typically used for serving specialty coffees and other hot beverages.

A stemmed glass having a tall, straight-sided silhouette typically used for serving water or white wines.

Grappa Glass


Juice Glass

Margarita Glass

A uniquely shaped piece of stemware designed for drinking the Italian spirit “Grappa”. More recently, it has come into fashion as a more all-purpose liqueur glass.

A tall tumbler that holds about 10oz to 12oz of liquid.

A tumbler that holds between 5oz and 10 oz of liquid.

Sometimes called a coupette glass, this is a slightly larger and rounded approach to a cocktail glass with a broad-rim for holding salt, ideal for margaritas and other fruit drinks. Typical Size: 12 oz.

Martini Glass


Old Fashioned or On-the-rocks glass

Rhine Wine

A footed glass with a coned-shaped bowl, designed for drinking Martinis, Manhattans, Cosmopolitans, and other specialty drinks.

A tall, cylindrical glass for drinking beer or mixed drinks, usually having a wide foot below the bowl or a short stem.

A short, wide tumbler, usually holding 8oz to 10oz of liquid. A Double-Old-Fashioned glass holds about 14oz of liquid.

Detailed glasses designed for German wines, typically white. These typically feature intricate designs and rich colored glass.

Sherry Glass

Sour Glass



A small glass preferred for aromatic alcohols like aperitifs, ports, and sherry. Typical Size: 2 oz.

A small, stemmed glass with a wide top. Similar a small champagne glass it is also called a whiskey sour glass. Typically holds 5-6 ounces.

A general name for any drinking glass that features a bowl on a stem.

A general name for any drinking glass without a stem.

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