Michael Wainwright Mezza Large Platter

Michael Wainwright Mezza Large Platter


Mezza, the Italian word for “half” is inspired from the Japanese Kintsugi.  Kintsugi dates back to 15th century Japan, and was a way of repairing broken pottery by means of 24k gold mixed with lacquer.  This technique transforms broken ceramic objects into beautiful works of art.  Michael Wainwright has taken the aesthetic of this ancient technique to create a 21st century contemporary look that is simple and fresh.

Studio OneClick

Michael Wainwright’s mastery at combining porcelain, bone china and glass with precious metal is a reflection of his experience as both a sculptor and a jeweler. Many of Wainwright’s designs evolved out of studies in Italy and travels along the Mediterranean. He developed an affinity for the use of landscape and architecture, and has collections inspired by the Piazza San Marco in Venice, the Palio in Siena, and the Amalfi Coast, among others. Wainwright is the sole designer of every piece in his collections. His porcelain and bone china dinnerware and accessories are all made and hand-painted in the USA, with 24k gold and platinum.

  • 6.25 inch
  • Hand wash only. Do not microwave.
  • 24k gold
  • Gift boxed
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    Dimensions 14 in








    Collection Name

    Mezza Collection

    Item Type

    serving platter


    Handwash only